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Red Dot Rack Solar Mounting Solutions

Red Dot Rack is a professional solar engineering company, specializing in the best quality solar mounting structures money can buy.

Solar Mounting Solutions by Red Dot Rack

Why Red Dot Rack

Please see below the key benefits and why you should use Red Dot Rack as your number 1 solar mounting partner.

Engineering Innovation by Red Dot Rack

Engineering Innovation

With so many years of experience in the solar industry Red Dot Rack is always committed to providing its clients with the very best solutions and designs to get the job done. Not every solar project is the same, Red Dot Rack understands this better than anyone. No challenge is too great or too small and our engineers will work with your team to get the job done.

Red Dot Rack 10 Year Warranty


Red Dot Rack uses only the highest quality Aluminums, stainless steel, and steel galvanised raw materials to manufacture quality solar mounting solutions. Red Dot Rack is backed standard by a 12 year guarantee. This can also be extended up to 25 years for large scale and commercial projects.

Solar Manufacturing by Red Dot Rack


Our group has more than 30 years experience in manufacturing Aluminum and steel components and works strictly under ISO 9001 manufacturing standards with quality at the forefront of Red Dot Rack’s manufacturing program. We will always work with our customers to get the best quality products on time, every time.

Array Design by Red Dot Rack

Array Design

Red Dot Rack has a team of engineers ready to not only assist our customer but also their customers with any solar mounting solution design, whether it be a small roof or a large scale utility solar farm. We have years of experience in layout design, dealing with different soil and wind conditions, and rooftop design.

Solar Logistics & Shipping

Logistics & Shipping

Getting your products on time is so important in todays fast paced world. Our company is committed to always keeping stock in our warehouse as well as dedicated staff to handle shipping, paperwork and clearance documents. Making sure your delivery makes it to your door on time. Every time.

Solar Panel Installation by Red Dot Rack

Ease of Installation

Understanding that the most important part of solar pv solar installations is ‘time’, all of our products are carefully designed with fast installation always in mind. Time is money and with years of experience in dealing with solar installers, Red Dot Rack understands just how important it is to have a safe and reliable system that can be installed quickly and efficiently.

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Red Dot Rack - Solar Technology for the future

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